5 Reasons To Choose Serviced Apartments Over Hotels September 8, 2019

5 Reasons To Choose Serviced Apartments Over Hotels

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In recent years the trend to rent out a temporary apartment, as opposed to booking a hotel, has increased. The serviced apartment industry is seeing a boom and that’s partly because of the growing awareness towards this alternative. Slowly people are better understanding this sector and building trust in such services. Here are five reasons to opt for a serviced apartment over a hotel room.


More often than not when you rent out a serviced apartment it comes with what an apartment would usually have, a living space, a bedroom, a bathroom and a kitchen. Some apartments even have attached gardens or balconies. This means they provide much more space than a hotel room would. You have the option to move around.

Living your way

In a hotel you have to adhere to a certain time crunch. The cleaner comes when they come, the kitchen closes at a certain time, and laundry goes out when it goes out. But in a serviced apartment you can choose to live the way you want. You can eat when you want, do your laundry when you feel like it and even cook whenever you need a snack or a meal.


If one needs to stay for a longer period of time, booking a hotel can be really expensive and if it’s not expensive, it probably means that the hotel is below average and will not be very sterile or provide a lot of amenities. This is why you should be looking for cheap accommodation Launceston. If you are travelling as a business traveler a serviced apartment will give you a dedicated work space, you can host people and it will make you less homesick than a hotel.

A Unique Experience

Most times when you stay at a hotel, it acts as a sort of barrier between you and the local community. With a serviced apartment you are closer to how the local community functions, and serviced apartments can make a customized experience to you if you tell them your preferences in advance for example the cupboards can be stocked with the kind of food you’d like.


If you book at a hotel that’s in the center of the city or bazaar it will probably break the bank. With a serviced apartment you can find amazing deals near the city centers and hotspots. It will take much less time and money to travel to places that are tourist favorites and you can get an insight from your local neighbors on where other hidden spots area around the city.

Whether you prefer to stay at a big fancy hotel or not, getting a serviced apartment as a change in pace will be good for you. Try new experiences and explore more when you go to new cities even if you go on a business trip.

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